is a truly Kingdom opportunity where our denomination is joining other outreach ministries and denominations to simultaneously share Jesus around the world in the same month.

For this effort, we are joining hands with Global Outreach Day (www.globaloutreachday.com), an evangelistic ministry that is spear-heading this worldwide movement.  Dr. Hill is asking State Administrative Bishops, National Overseers, Pastors, and Churches across the 185 countries where the Church of God has a presence, TO JOIN TOGETHER IN THE MONTH OF MAY 2020. Pick a day in May to share Jesus to the lost. We will celebrate this global effort on Saturday, May 23rd. 

A word from Dr. Ramirez

Watch The Story Film here @

The Story Film



Witnessing Strategy

This approach is simple and organic. Most people are afraid to witness, so we are providing options that allow the truth of their testimony and witness of Jesus to be shared.

Facebook Testimony

POST a short personal testimony that could include: How they were lost and in need of a Savior; Details of how they accepted Jesus; An encouraging statement to readers who are lost pointing them to Christ.

Facebook Prayer

Post a prayer from our resources that instructs on how to ask Jesus into their life. Please end the post by stating that you would like to talk privately with anyone who has questions and desires more information.

Give a Witnessing Tract and Explain the Gospel

Witnessing tracts are available to purchase that you can give to co-workers/people in places you frequent. Go the extra step and ask them if you can explain what the short pamphlet means. This makes it more personal and allows you to share your testimony of how Jesus has made a difference in your life.

An App to Witness to Others

Download the app! It allows you to share Jesus from your phone in multiple languages. It guides the conversation sharing the truth of everyone’s need for Jesus as Savior. Churches can link their results together.

A Video to Witness to Others

Forward the short video ``The Story`` to your unsaved family and friends. In under 6 minutes this amazing video shares the story of God, His Son, and our need for Jesus.

Invite a Lost Friend or Family to Meet for an Intentional Coffee or Meal to Talk About Life and God

Ask God who He wants you to invite that may be receptive. You should have already earned the right to share your faith to them. You can your testimony or choose to use the guided App!

Plan a Church Outreach Party

You can do an evangelistic outreach in a park! Promote a free picnic or small festival atmosphere where your church can build relationships and share the truth of Jesus.

Together for 1 month to share Jesus with someone


Sharing Jesus With The Lost During ONE MONTH – MAY 2020. Pick a day in May that works for your church to participate.