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Nov 11, 2020 | Ministry Opportunities, Other

The Church of God Children’s Home of North Carolina is seeking a houseparent, preferably a couple. The specific Duties of the Houseparent are as follows:

A. For the Child
• Provide a safe and comfortable environment for child to live in, with a separate bed and place for his/her possessions.
• Provide the child’s basic physical and emotional needs.
• Provide for school attendance, monitor progress, note special needs and accomplishments and attend parent/teacher conferences and planning meetings.
• Provide appropriate clothing for child.
• Provide recreational, spiritual, and enrichment activities that will promote the healthy development of the child.
• Help maintain his/her cultural identity and ethnic background.
• Maintain a Lifebook for the child of his/her time in care, developmental milestones, photographs, report cards.
• Provide transportation to and from medical and dental appointments, parent visitations, counseling sessions, and any other transportation needs.
• Attend medical and dental needs, providing routine medical and dental care as required by the Division of Social Services; monitor and administer any and all medications as prescribed.
• Help child through the separation, grieving, and adjustment process that accompanies removal from their birth family including participation in child’s counseling program.
• Provide consistent and realistic discipline and guidance that is age-appropriate and does not involve corporal punishment.
• Seek support from Case Manager on any unusual or difficult behaviors.

B. For the Agency
• Notify the Case Manager of any major concerns that would warrant a critical incident report.
• Keep the COGCH informed of problems and progress of children in care including results of doctor visits, reactions to visitations with birth family.
• Complete Pre-service training program before direct care work
• Be available for meetings with agency workers.
• Receive permission from agency prior to transporting child out of state.
• Obtain at least 24 hours of annual agency approved resource parent training.
• Participate in case review when requested and make court appearances when required.
• Cooperate with agency workers to implement plan for family reunification or permanent placement.
• Comply with DSS and agency policies and procedures as outlined.

C. Support and Supervision
• The Houseparent works in cooperation with the child’s Case Manager and will receive support from them in relation to the specific child for which the worker is responsible.
• The Houseparent reports directly to the Houseparent Supervisor as it relates to their duties and how they should be carried out.
• New houseparents will observe and train with other houseparents who will help them through the early stages of child care.
• Additional support is given through attending agency trainings and sponsored activities.

D. Qualifications
• Ability to provide the child with an atmosphere for spiritual growth.
• Ability to provide physical and emotional care for a child.
• Experience in child are or supervision.
• Ability to recognize and meet individual needs of a child.
• Ability to work as a team member with case managers and other houseparents.
• Ability to accept a child into your home as well as release them back to their biological family.
• Ability to understand and show acceptance of a children’s biological parents and commitment to promoting reunification of families and permanency for children.
• Adequate physical and mental health certified by a physician.
• Annual health assessment and TB test.
• Ability to recognize own family’s needs and limitations and to communicate these to the agency.
• Ability to recognize difference between punishment and discipline. Be able to utilize acceptable discipline practices as outlined by DSS.
• Agreement to consistently conform to state regulations (regarding training, discipline policy, home safety, etc.)
• No previous criminal or child abuse history for household members.
• Ability to be flexible and understand the child care system.
• Ability to show flexibility in expectations, attitude and behavior in relation to the age, needs, and problems of the child.
• Ability to remain flexible and accept changes to family structure.
• Current North Carolina Driver’s License.
• Valid High School Diploma

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