Vice President for Student Life, Lee University, Cleveland, Tenn.

Feb 11, 2022 | Ministry Opportunities, Other

The Vice President for Student Life at Lee University is the chief administrator of the Student Life sector and is responsible for leading the development of policies, programs, and procedures pertaining to student life. This position reports directly to the President and serves on the Presidential Cabinet.

Because of its commitment to Christian community, Lee University places strong emphasis on student life; thus, the Student Life sector is dedicated to the preparation of students for Christian leadership and service in their chosen occupations, academic pursuits, and personal ministry. The mission is to provide a Christ-centered environment which encourages students in their personal, spiritual, academic, emotional and physical development so that they will be able to express Christian values and leadership in both their lifestyle choices and service to others during and after college.

As chief administrator of the Student Life sector the Vice President for Student Life is responsible for:
• Developing and managing the sector’s resources and budgets; identifies and projects needs for strategic projections of program and staffing requirements.
• Integrating and coordinating the work of the subdivisions within Student
Life including but not limited to:
• New Student Orientation
• Residential Life and Housing
• Student Engagement
• Student Events
• Campus Recreation
• Student Conduct
• Student Care
• TITLE IX Coordination
• Campus Security
• Summer Honors Program

In relation to student life and activities, the Vice President for Student Life is responsible to:

• Develop and implement organizational goals, objectives, strategic plans, policies, and operating procedures for the Student Life sector, which respond to changing needs and requirements of the university’s student community.
• Support the overall chapel and spiritual development program of the university.
• Work collaboratively and coordinate closely with student success programs (success coaching, tutoring, first year-programs, and counseling services) to help provide optimal student care.
• Design, implement, and maintain an organizational structure and staffing to effectively accomplish the campus strategic goals, mission, and priorities as they relate to Student Life.
• Serve on various committees as appointed by the President.
• Foster campus support for the athletic endeavors and events of the university.


• A Christ-centered holistic approach for student development that is aligned with the university’s mission
• Ability to build and lead programs and services that anticipate and address moral, social, and mental health concerns of a diverse student body
• Proven commitment to student care, racial and ethnic diversity, and students from underrepresented populations
• Demonstrated experience in staff development and supervision
• Excellent financial and supervisory skills
• Ability to build partnerships both internally and externally to advance the mission of the university and meet sector goals
• Proven strong crisis intervention skills
• Ability to promote collaboration and teamwork and involve key stakeholders in the decision-making process
• Strong communication (both written and verbal), organizational, and interpersonal skills


• Doctorate/terminal degree preferred;
• Master’s degree required;
• Preference for a degree in student development, higher education, or related field, but not required;
• Minimum of five years related experience within Student Life.

Lee University is committed to maintaining an environment of critical thought in a worldview context of Christian faith. In 500 words or less, please share your own conception on how this kind of integration works for you in leading teams and caring for students.

Interested candidates may submit a cover letter, resume, and references to Audra Iannarone at [email protected]









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