Worship Pastor, Dora, Ala.

Apr 8, 2021 | Ministry Opportunities, Music / Worship

Bagley Church of God is a congregation size of an average of 100 people in the Bagley/Corner area (Dora, AL). Church is located 20 minutes Northwest of downtown Birmingham. The church is led by Pastor Tyler Keene along with a group of wonderful volunteers. It has a wide range of ages and a recent growth of young families. Bagley CoG is a church community with passion for outreach, Pentecostal worship, and prayer. The staff consists of a full-time lead pastor with some part-time supporting staff.


Bagley Church of God is looking for a part-time Worship Pastor who will take full ownership of the worship ministry. Bagley is a community that values people over programs, and so we are looking for someone who not only has gifts for worship leading, but has a pastor’s heart for the lost and broken. We are also looking for someone who can balance needs for all ages, looking to the older generation as well as the next generation.

As a part-time position, we understand most candidates will have another job they work alongside this one, and so this position is very flexible and more about meeting the needs of the community than “putting in the hours.”

The worship pastor will be responsible for leading worship at Bagley for each service (Sundays AM/PM and Wednesdays). He/she will assist the lead pastor to find replacements on his/her weeks off. The worship pastor will plan service in collaboration with the lead pastor.

This position will come compensation, paid vacation time, and covering all state meeting.

If interested, please email Pastor Tyler at [email protected] for a full job description.









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