Youth Pastor, Madison, Fla.

Apr 22, 2021 | Ministry Opportunities, Youth

Madison Church of God is looking for a youth pastor in Madison, FL which is just 30 minutes south of Valdosta, Ga. The church is alive, and moving forward in many areas. You won’t find a church like Madison Church of God anywhere to be real (not pastor speech), it’s the truth! It’s a large family not cliques or two families, but ONE big family that picks on each other, trust me. We have excellent facilities for our youth and children in our FLC (15,620 sq. Ft.) and are heavy involved in our schools. If you have interest in our church here, feel free to email me at [email protected]

This is a full-time position and a position that you would also be known as my associate pastor too.

We are heavy involved in our State youth functions as well such as… youth camps, FYLA games, and other evangelism ministries.

What am I looking for?
* Relational
* Great personality
* Self-motivator
* Flexible
* Love to work our many outreaches we do in our church…Pumpkin Patch, Passion Play, Upward Leagues, 2 week Day Camps.
* Experience
* Willing to build on the foundation that’s been laid.
* Able to build a team and work with the current team present.
* Willing to carry the vision that God has given for our church.
* Hopeful not a must but able have talent on guitar or piano.
* Multimedia driven/ Video editing.
* Able to lead a drama team.









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