Multiple Resources Available for Declaration of Faith Sunday

On January 7, 2024, the Church of God will celebrate “Declaration of Faith Sunday,” the “official expression of Church of God beliefs.”

Every year the commemoration is highlighted on the first Sunday to stress the importance of recognition and adherence to the document.  The Church of God first adopted the Declaration of Faith in 1948 during the General Assembly that year. According to Like A Mighty Army author Charles W. Conn, so unified was the Church of God that the committee was able to ultimately present the 14 statement, 281-word document during the same meeting. Although the committee remained intact for several years and attempted to expand the doctrinal instrument, it has remained unchanged to this day.

Church of God General Overseer Tim Hill stated, “The Declaration of Faith helps us easily remember the basic essentials of our trustworthy message,” Hill stated. “It affirms the foremost beliefs of our church and is a basic key for understanding the bedrock doctrinal convictions of the Bible.”

Pastors across the Church of God are encouraged to place a yearly emphasis on the Declaration of Faith on and leading up to the designated Sunday. This year, a new video has been compiled showcasing the diversity of the Church of God with voices reciting the Declaration of Faith. Other resources are available through Pathway Press, including posters suitable for framed presentation in the lobby of a church and ways to promote the Declaration of Faith all year. Framed copies of the DOF adorn the lobbies of each of the three buildings on the International Offices campus.

Declaration Of Faith Statements

To read more about the Declaration of Faith and the 14 statements contained within it, visit and click on the “BELIEFS” tab. You may also view the new recitation of the Declaration of Faith;

Declaration Of Faith Presentation

To download the new video for presentations, click one of the links below:

English Declaration Of Faith Video | Spanish Declaration Of Faith Video

Pathway Press Bookstore Resources

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Multiple Resources

To access multiple resources, including links to archival audio recordings and Evangel articles provided by the Pentecostal Resource Center (PRC), click here.